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Admissions are open for Preparatory course and Postgraduate courses.

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Announcements for current students

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Osh State University

Osh State University was founded on 24 May 1951 as Osh State Pedagogical Institute.It achieved status of the University on 17 june 1992.The city of Osh provides a unique setting for the urban campus of OshSU. At the heart of this picturesque city lies the OshSU administrative campus, with the remaining departments located throughout the city.

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Message from the Rector

The world is becoming increasingly complicated now a days and it requires an individual to possess high level of education and skills.Entering a higher education institution is typically considered as a tool of getting a promotion and high profits.However Education is much more than preparation for career. Good education enriches one’s life and improves one’s understanding of the world. It also enables to learn to evaluate it critically, making positive changes.

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About reorganisation of the Osh State Pedagogical Institute to Osh State University. Considering necessity of acceptance of additional measures on Socio-economic and to cultural development of the south of the Republic Kyrgyzstan,increasing requirements of this region for the preparation of highly qualified specialists and the scientific staff

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Medical Faculty, Osh State University has been training foreign students since 1993. Medical Faculty, Osh State University offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate programmes for local and international students.

Medical faculty OshSU

Medical faculty,Osh State University has been training foreign students since 1993. During the years of its existence the Medical faculty, Osh State University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries.

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Message from the dean

Dear Prospective Students.
The decision to become a doctor is an important one demanding a high degree of intellectual ability and personal commitment.It is a matter of considerable pride that our university is recognised as being at forefront of basic and applied research in the health related disciplines.

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Classes took place on the 4-storeyed building, With transition of students to the second year and introduction of new disciplines the chair of clinical disciplines was opened also. The clinical base of faculty included 17 hospitals.

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Postgraduate department

In accordance with its mission Medical Faculty, Osh State University is dedicated to pursuing the highest quality of patient care and graduate medical education.  Medical Faculty, Osh State University recognizes as one of its major responsibilities the provision of organized educational programs.

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Affiliated hospitals

Medical faculty OshSU is affiliated with educational and clinical institutions. Teaching hospitals are well equiped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level.

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International Relations

Osh State University has a diverse profile of international activities in both research and education. Medical Institute stays in contact with many medical institutes of the world.Scientists and students of the Medical Institute,Osh State University actively take part in International seminars,conferences and joint research with scientists of other universities.

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kyrgyzstan flag

Indian center

It is a real step in establishment of international relations of Osh State University with India and Indian institutions. The ancient Indian civilization, the centuries-old history, the richest culture, original philosophical traditions, modern achievements of science, equipment and high technologies, community of interests, old historical links define interest to this great country.

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Pakistan Center

Manas Jinnah Foundation is an organization responsible for administration of Pakistan Center Jinnah located at main campus Osh State University.It was established in 2001.
The Pakistan Centre Jinnah was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Habib-ur-Rahman. Manas Jinnah Foundation is highly respected by the University Rectorat and city administration.

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Kyrgyz Republic at a glance

A country of striking beauty and towering peaks, Kyrgyzstan became independent with the collapse of the Soviet Russia in 1991. Kyrgyzstan is a mountaineous country located on north-east of Central Asia in the Tian Shan and Pamir mountain range. Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan on the north and northwest, Uzbekistan in the southwest, Tajikistan in the south,and China in the southeast.

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Natural beauty of the Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyzstan has its own unique beauty which attracts tourists from all corners of the planet. The uniqueness lies in its extraordinary natural beauty mainly on account of its pristine environment and variety. Only in Kyrgyzstan will you find everything that nature can offer – highland lakes, sandy beaches, mountains, rapid-flowing rivers, glaciers, forests and even deserts.


Osh at a glance

Osh has been a student city, a centre of education, science and technology for the last one thousand years. Osh, a mountaneous city located in heart of the historically famous Ferghana valley, the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, Osh is administrative centre of the southwestern Kyrgyzstan,and capital of the osh province,near the border with Uzbekistan. It is separated from Bishkek by high mountain ranges.

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