Fee Structure:

General Medicine M.D
English medium:
Tuition fee:  2,900 US $ per year
Russian medium: 
Tuition fee: 2,500 US $ per year


Tuition fee : 2,500 US $ per year

Postgraduate programs:

Tuition fee: 1500 US $ per year

Government hostel : 200 US $ per year
Privately managed hostel: 500 US $ per year
Food: 800 US $ per year

However in first year, an admission package is offered to the students which covers following:

Invitation processing fee
Admission fee
Tuition fee
Hostel fee
One year visa fee
Equivalence certificate fee (from ministry of education)
Documents preparation (documents translation and notary certification, medical examination etc.)

General Medicine MD

Admission package is 6200$ with government hostel.


Admission package is 7300$ with Privately managed hostel and food for one year. (Visa fee and air ticket costs extra and on actual)

You can pay advance amount from admission package now and remaining amount after arrival to the university (to cover initial expenditures like invitation processing, visa processing, air ticketing, reservation of place at hostel etc.):


500 $ Click here to pay

1000 $ Click here to pay

1500 $ Click here to pay