Message from the Dean

Dear Prospective Students.
The decision to become a doctor is an important one demanding a high degree of intellectual ability and personal commitment.It is a matter of considerable pride that our university is recognised as being at forefront of basic and applied research in the health related disciplines.

Through our courses,we we seek to pass on the fruits of our knowledge directly to our students.I am very pleased to inform you that the medical institute,osh state university is training students in General Medicine,Pediatrics and specialization studies in various fields.University life will involve you not only in aquisition of a formal qualification valued in society but also in the excitement of investigation,research and satisfaction that comes from applying knowledge.

Osh is a modern city with an ancient past.and opprtunity to enjoy students life to the full in the lively atmosphere of a friendly city.I can say that with confidence that Osh State University is a great university because of the many approving comments i hear from those with an interest in who we are and what we do.Osh State University is a world class university with a broad base of enrollment of International students.



Professor Dr.Arstanbekov M.A.

Dean of the medical faculty