1. Addressing the issue of recognition of academic mobility loans.
  2. Carrying out work to harmonize curricula in the areas of universities.
  3. Create a common fund of educational institutions included in the Declaration and provide additional scholarships and material support to students.
  4. Joint attraction of international grants, investments and joint implementation of projects.
  5. Carrying out activities on joint educational programs and dual degree projects.
  6. Establishment of joint dissertation councils with joint research.
  7. Development of a single standard list of documents.
  8. Regularly carry out explanatory work at each university to disseminate information related to mobility.
  9. Expand the composition of the Declaration, increase the number of universities included in it.

10 Achieve at least 5 mobile teachers and students per semester and organize academic exchanges between colleges.

  1. Annually publish and distribute small collections of essays on the impressions of students participating in the exchange.