1. April 29, 2017.For the first time, a video was shot with students from Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Jalal-Abad and Batken State Universities under the Osh Declaration’s internal mobility program.In this short film, students shared their thoughts about their studies and life here. The video was uploaded to the website of Osh State University and Youtube channel.
  2. September 28, 2017.Rector K.A.As part of the Osh Declaration, Isakov met with students from Issyk-Kul, Talas and Batken State Universities, as well as Istanbul and Taraz Universities on internal mobility.sweat, 9 steps to improve the quality of school education, future plans, etc. told in detail about. Kanybek Abduvasitovich noted that today it is very important to be involved in education, noting that the knowledge and outlook of students will be especially developed in education at other universities, emphasizing that further attention will be paid to internal academic mobility. The students expressed their gratitude to the administration for providing them with modern, decent education, free dormitories, the best possible conditions and special attention.
  3. October 26, 2017.Implementation of internal academic mobility Rector of Osh State University, prof. One of the main tasks of the “Osh Declaration”, created on May 21, 2016 at the initiative of Kanybek Abduvasitovich, was to unify the educational space. To date, many students from Issyk-Kul, Talas, Naryn, Batken and Jalal-Abad state universities come to Osh State University to gain experience and receive a decent, quality education. The university provides them with free dormitories and access to prophylactic services. The guest students are not only provided with modern education at Osh State University, but also are involved in cultural, sports and intellectual events, absorbing vivid colors into their lives.
  4. December 9, 2017.The Department of International Relations organized an excursion “Journey to Osh State University” for students from Talas, Issyk-Kul and Batken state universities on internal mobility in the framework of the Osh Declaration. During the trip they visited the Osh State University, its infrastructure, museum, distance learning center, educational buildings, all faculties (MIT, FIZTEH, INFAC, MEDFAK, FILFA K, ISTFAK, BIM, PEDFAK, etc.), libraries, laboratories, etc. got acquainted with. Our deans, their deputies and teachers warmly welcomed us and gave general information about their faculties.

A special minibus took our students around the clock and made another trip to Osh. A spectacular dinner was organized for the guests at the spectacular Kyrgyz-Chinese faculty.

The trip left students with warm feelings, happy moments and good impressions. They spoke about the achievements of Osh State University, the automated, high-quality, modern education system, the export of knowledge, the friendly community, world-renowned scientists, unforgettable happy student days here, and more. They went to tell their schools about it.

We are grateful to our Rector Kanybek Abduvasitovich, Vice-Rector Abdygany Osmonovich, Chairman of the Youth Committee Murat Altynbek uulu for the material and moral support in organizing the tour.

  1. December 22, 2017.The Department of International Relations organized a ceremony of awarding certificates of internal mobility to students from Talas, Issyk-Kul and Batken state universities in the framework of the “Osh Declaration”. The event was attended by Vice-Rector A. Abduvaliev congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies and presented certificates. The students expressed their gratitude to the Osh State University for providing them with a decent modern education and said that they would like to stay here and continue their studies in the second semester, if possible.
  2. February 19, 2018.Mobility students met with the rector Rector Kanybek Abduvasitovich, Vice-Rector for Development and International Relations Abdygany Osmonovich studied the 1st semester of the 2017-2018 academic year in foreign and domestic universities on the basis of “Osh Declaration” on external and internal academic mobility, Mevlana, Erasmus + programs, bilateral agreements undergraduate students They met and exchanged views. Last semester, academic mobility at Osh State University was active and fruitful. Because 256 of our students have graduated from world-renowned universities around the world. For example, we have Jalal-Abad University in Turkey, Suleyman Demir University, Cumhuriyet University, Ondokuz Mayys University, Narkhoz University in Kazakhstan, Ak-Tobo Regional University, West Czech University in the Czech Republic, Tehran International University in Iran, Tsukuba University in Japan, International Institute of Japanese Language and Culture. , Chonbuk University in South Korea, Busan University, Seoul University, Xinjiang Pedagogical University in China, Liaoning Pedagogical University, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Yunnan Pedagogical University, Bishkek Humanities University in Bishkek, I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Jalal-Abad State University, etc. went and read.

During the meeting, the rector told the students about the achievements of the Osh State University, the beautiful buildings that are beautifying the city, the development of academic mobility, which is one of the main priorities in education around the world. Noting that you are increasing your chances, he highlighted the following important points:

– In the future, students of Osh State University should be able to speak three languages.

– Academic mobility in Osh State University is without corruption, without acquaintances. Talented, active, well-educated students go to other universities.

– In the future, we will establish contacts and strengthen relations with universities in the European Union and in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

– Cooperation with all leading universities of the former Soviet Union will be intensified.

– Positive steps are being taken to accredit each specialty.

– Osh State University for 2018-2023. The concept of development has been developed and will be approved soon.

– The pursuit of a new model of global education, attempts to integrate into the process of globalization.

– Osh State University took the first place among about 500 Confucius Institutes in China and won a gold medal.

– Wang Tao, a master’s student at China’s leading Xinhua University, is studying for a doctorate at Osh State University.

– Osh State University is always positive and adapts to globalization.

– A book on academic mobility will be published, which will contain stimulating essays and interviews of our students who went abroad and participated in the exchanges on the Osh Declaration.

– For the first time in the 26-year history of independent Kyrgyzstan, Osh State University was awarded the Order of Glory. This is the greatest value and trust of the community to our school.

– Osh State University is always on the path of renewal and improvement. The old is being repaired and the new is being multiplied. All our educational buildings have been overhauled and plastic windows are being installed. In one year, 26 modern toilets were built at Osh State University.

– Teachers and students of Osh State University always give positive things to others. He does not look for negativity in others.

– In the year of regional development, Osh State University is going to do a lot of work. A modern medical academy will be built in Kyzyl-Kiya, and an international modern medical college will be built in Uzgen.

– Osh State University always takes care of the safety of students abroad. Before sending them, consulting and informational work will be carried out. Wherever the rector goes, he receives information from students and asks about their situation.

– Modern education and good humanity are the main principles of Osh State University!

After the rector’s powerful and clear speech, the students shared their special feelings and made small presentations. Then the event ended.

Recall that academic mobility is carried out on the basis of the rector’s strategic development project “10 + 10 + 10 + 10”.

  1. March 6, 2018.The rector met with students who came to study internal mobility Professor Kanybek Abduvasitovich in the 2nd semester of the 2017-2018 academic year “Osh Declaration” on internal academic mobility, on the basis of bilateral agreements, met with students from domestic universities who came to study at Osh State University, asked about their studies, dormitory life and condition. They congratulated on the upcoming holidays, exchanged views and spoke about the current achievements of Osh State University, future plans, the benefits of internal mobility in the framework of the Osh Declaration:

“Through internal mobility, students can see all corners of Kyrgyzstan, get to know each other, make new friends, even a life partner, compare schools, learn about the strengths of the host school, and gain experience. , enjoy true student happy days ”.

“The process of multilingual education and internationalization of education is underway at Osh State University. Currently, about 3,500 foreigners are studying. Every university student must know at least two foreign languages. ”

“If there are at least one student from another university in the group, the teachers will be specially prepared for the lesson.”

“New buildings and modern laboratories are constantly being built in Osh State University. A research campus will soon be located in the south-eastern part of the university. ”

“Students from China, Asian and European Development Banks, etc. are studying at the university. Investment attraction is well established. ”

“The university preserves the traditions that have been formed for 80 years between the older, middle and younger generations.”

“To date, Osh State University has graduated more than 200,000 graduates. They work in international organizations such as the UN and NATO. Most of the 120 deputies are graduates of Osh State University.

“The main principle of Osh State University is Humanity + modern education.”

“It is planned to establish an association of universities in the Fergana Valley.”

“5,000 to 6,000 computers connected to high-speed Internet will provide an accessible education system.”

“As part of the Year of Regional Development, positive work will be done at Osh State University. A modern medical school will be built in Kyzyl-Kiya, gymnasiums will be opened in the districts. Osh State University will be able to prepare educated children . ”

“The export of knowledge is at the top. Turkey and eologiya sciences, and b iznes and Management Faculty, China and ırgız- ıtay faculty, Spain and ırgız- e vropa was the faculty. There are plans to attract 100,000 students from abroad in the future. The main goal is to achieve education of international standards. ”

“Osh State University is a school that is in the spirit of the times, in the flow of time, competing with the times, on the path of dynamic development.”

“Implementation of the 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 project on the basis of the Integration, Innovation, Investment and Intelligence Program. At the same time, 10% of students and 10% of teachers of Osh State University should go to other universities, while 10% of students and 10% of teachers from other universities should come to Osh State University.

“Osh State University has moved to a fully automated education system AVN with an open policy. There is extensive information in the database about each student. The data center keeps all the information of the university, that is, cybersecurity is well established.

“Anyone, any student can attend the lectures of professors of Osh State University, the lessons of the best teachers. The door is open for everyone. ”
“Each student once a week to read a work of art to modulate, emotional, spiritual products are adapting.”

“In recent years, Osh State University has strengthened its educational, material, research, production and professional base, expanded international relations and moved out of the national universities.”

After the rector’s statement, the turn was given to student reports. One student from each school gave a short presentation on “Impressions from Osh State University”. The next stage of the meeting was accompanied by questions and answers. “What qualities should a modern graduate have?” The rector answered: “The main thing is to have organizational, creative and humane qualities.” The meeting was chaired by Vice-Rector for Development and International Relations of Osh State University A.O. In conclusion, Abduvaliev noted that Osh State University has all the conditions for a decent education , wished success to students and encouraged them to study for a master’s degree in Osh State University in the future .

Let us remind you that this semester students of Osh State University study in all regions of Kyrgyzstan and in the capital Bishkek. Thus, Issyk-Kul State University – 2, Naryn State University – 3, Batken State University – 7, Jalal-Abad State University – 9, Talas State University – 2, Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute – 4, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University – 2, from the Kyrgyz-Russian “Slavic” University – 3, I. Two students from the Kyrgyz State University named after Arabaev, a total of 34 students came to Osh State University. This can be considered as a historically significant event, which is happening for the first time in the life of internal mobility.

  1. April 19, 2018.The first sessions of academic mobility have begun 3rd year students Ermek kyzy Aiganysh and Janybaeva Saltanat, who came from Talas State University to the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology of Osh State University in the spring semester under the Osh Declaration, have successfully completed their sessions and are returning home. When our guest students spoke , they summarized the following:

1) We liked Osh State University very much. Teachers use competent, modern teaching methods. Classes are accessible and understandable.

2) Osh State University has all the conditions for students to study. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards connected to the Internet. You can find any book you want in the library collection.

3) Students were distinguished by simplicity and hospitality. It was easy for us to get along with them.

4) We lived for free in a comfortable dormitory with facilities. We made many friends.

5) We offer mobility to Talas students. We will come back and plan to visit more next time. We especially liked the city of Osh and Osh State University.

6) We thank the whole staff of Osh State University. We wish you continued academic mobility. We will never forget the days we spent here. Note: The session was organized early, as our students had internships at their schools. His teammates will return from practice in mid-May.

  1. April 24, 2018.The exchange of teachers at Osh State University is fruitful. As part of the implementation of the Osh Declaration, on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the two universities, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Teaching Technology of Naryn State University, Ph.D. Siyaev Tashtanbek Monoldorovich, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Kasymova Guljamal Abdilovna, Master of Pedagogy Asankulova Nazira Kochorovna came to Osh State University to exchange experiences and give guest lectures and were received by Vice-Rector Rasul Abazbek uulu. During the meeting, the professor said that the exchange of knowledge will be facilitated, the exchange of teachers will contribute to the joint development of the educational space, the university is always ready to receive guest lecturers and develop relations between universities. Representatives of NSU welcomed them to Osh State University.

Our teachers from Naryn spend a week lecturing at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Physical Education, attending classes, learning process, plans, relevant documents, etc. Get acquainted with and share experiences.

  1. April 27, 2018.Getting news from students is a great reward As part of the implementation of the Osh Declaration, our guest lecturers from Naryn State University on internal academic mobility programs, Professor Siyaev Tashtanbek Monoldorovich, Associate Professor Kasymova Guljamal Abdilovna, Master Asankulova Nazira Kochorovna, Naryn students: Jolchiev Eldiyar, Beishebaeva Nurza , Aidaik and Saltymbek kyzy They asked about their situation and exchanged views on their impressions of Osh and Osh State University. Our students shared the following:

– The classrooms of the city and Osh State University are very clean and beautiful. Early in the morning, the streets were swept.

– Cheapness in the markets (clothing, food, equipment, etc.), the people of the south and the students are very polite, humane, the traders are warm-hearted and attract customers.

– Teachers combine theory and practice and give live lessons. There are interactive whiteboards in the classrooms, good conditions in reading rooms and libraries.

– Classes are best conducted through the Balloon system. In addition to the module, we provide current, interim inspections.

“We’ve made a lot of friends, we’ve got a lot of teachers.”

– We learned to make and eat pilaf. Our meat tasted a little sweeter than the meat here.

– We heard that the thickness of girls is cheap, etc.

At the end of the meeting, the students thanked their teachers for the news and expressed their longing for their parents and people.

It should be noted that Professor Siyaev Tashtanbek Monoldorovich chaired the discussion of the candidacy of Ulan Orunbaev, a candidate of pedagogy and physical education, and made a small contribution to the development of science and education at the faculty.

  1. May 12, 2018.Excursion “Journey to Osh State University” was organized at Osh State University On the basis of the Osh Declaration and bilateral cooperation agreements, Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Talas, Jalal-Abad, Batken State Universities, Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute and Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, I. Excursion “Journey to Osh State University ” was organized for 34 semester students from the Kyrgyz State University named after Arabaev . The itinerary was as follows:
  2. Dept.e vropa sciences, scientific, data center and introduce a robot scanner drop .
  3. Faculty of Mathematics and information technology, museum showoverall.
  4. At the Faculty of Arts was a demonstration of the art gallery of the Kyrgyz Leonardo da Vinci and the Museum of Yryspay Abdykadyrov.Mr. Damir, Deputy Dean for Educational Affairs, gave a brief overview of the faculty and its areas.
  5. Rahat Jumabaevna, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of World Languages ​​and Cultures, welcomed the faculty, specialties, etc.told about and introduced to the simultaneous translation laboratory.The students liked it very much.
  6. At the Faculty of Business and Management, the head of the department is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc.Mr. Taalai uulu Mr. Tariel saidthat the necessary specialists are being trained here , which are required by the directions of the faculty, the current open joint stock companies and enterprises .
  7. Arstanbekov Sabyr, a teacher at the Dental Clinic, gave a detailed presentation and showed X-rays of some of the students’ teeth.The information was very interesting for the students.
  8. The next turn came to the Kyrgyz-Chinese faculty.Mr. Erlan, a teacher of Chinese language, accompanied the students and introduced them to the sights of the faculty.Our students said that it was like going to China. The guests also saw the beautiful new building of the Faculty of Arts and International Relations.
  9. They tasted a delicious lunch at the Kafsar cafe.
  10. The next caravan of Osh State University continued on campus in the South-East microdistrict.Departments of Medicine and International Medicine and Medical Clinic, modern infrastructure presentndı . Mr. Ernis Jakypov introduced the pharmacological laboratory and herbs and shared his views on the capabilities of the faculty. At the same time, our students were always accompanied by special feelings and impressions.
  11. Acquaintance with the faculties of Theology, Natural Sciences and Geography aroused strong feelings in students.The fact that many doctors of sciences and professors teach at TTGF, and that students of theology study in Turkey for a year, was taken as specific good news.
  12. The faculties of Russian and Kyrgyz philology, pedagogy and physical culture were not left out of the tour.Our guest students were looking forward to seeing them and getting acquainted.Dean E. Turgunbaev welcomed the students, the Rector SABC Abduvasitoviçtin initiative, which is run by the main purpose of internal mobility ündük- educational institutions in eliminating the problem of production and domestic relations, friendly relations, good e pointed wow.
  13. The last stop of the trip was the history and law faculties.The children of famous people, outstanding, and well-known public figures and historicalcent of the simple models with personalities Ishaq Razzakova Chingiz Aitmatov students take pictures next to the guest memorable moments of joy and happiness begins.

At the end of the event, students said that they would share their experiences with their schools, friends and classmates, that the most interesting and sweetest and most memorable moments in their lives are taking place at Osh State University, and that they are very interested in moving to this university.
Rector K.A. for moral and material support in organizing a small excursion tour. Isakov and Vice-Rector A.O. Many thanks to Abduvaliev on behalf of the International Relations Department.

  1. May 24, 2018.Students of Osh State University, who studied at ISU, made a feedback Students of the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and Journalism, who studied at the Issyk-Kul State University on academic mobility under the Osh Declaration, shared their experiences. The conference was attended by teachers and students. The meeting was opened by Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Mapaeva Nurjamal Abdillajanovna. The head of the international relations department, S.M. Amiraliev was organized  Noting that the event was an excellent informative event, he told the audience about the wide range of opportunities, importance and results of today’s academic exchanges. Students who successfully completed the spring semester of the 2017-2018 academic year in Issyk-Kul: Aibashov Maratali and Mavlanov Abdulmanof. They reported that they had brought many diplomas and certificates.

Many thanks to Abdieva Chinara, International Relations Coordinator of the Faculty for organizing today’s feedback.

  1. May 25, 2018.” Osh State University through the eyes of students of other universities ” Students studying at Osh State University on the basis of the Osh Declaration and the internal mobility program under bilateral agreements shared their views on camera. Since they tell about the impressions, views, unique feelings that left an indelible mark on the heart of the flagship school? шти. The guest students spoke about the modern infrastructure of Osh State University, the world experience of quality education, automated educational system, cultural and educational activities for the spiritual development of the individual, humanistic leadership and professional teaching staff, friendly, kind, cheerful students. They said that they were able to enrich their knowledge, exchange experiences, make many friends, see the beautiful city of Osh, the beauty of the South, get acquainted with the culture, mentality and way of life of the people. They also stressed the need to further strengthen and expand the mobility program, and promised to pass it on to their schools, relatives, friends and teammates.

Let us remind you that in the spring semester of the 2017-2018 academic year, about 40 students from more than a dozen universities in Kyrgyzstan (for the first time in all regions) came to study under the internal exchange program. At the initiative of Rector Kanybek Abduvasitovich, all of them were provided with free dormitory seats and special care.

“Nowadays students from other universities , Dr. ins with the eye” video material on television, and soon you’ll see citywide. From him, and being prepared for installation, Mr. Director of the “U” label, as a narrow deep gratitude .