1. June 14-17, 2017.“Students – for an educated, united Kyrgyzstan!”II Friendship Festival. June 14-17, 2017. Issyk-Kul State University named after Tynystanov hosted the 2nd Student Friendship Festival among universities included in the Osh Declaration in honor of the “Year of Faith, Morality and Culture.”

The main purpose of the festival was:

exchange of experience in the field of education to strengthen friendly relations between universities in the country, including among students, and to attract young people to the national culture, history of our people, the promotion of spiritual values ;

– development of internal academic mobility in schools;

– Improving the skills of talented students and promoting their skills among young people.

Along with the leaders of Osh State University, Osh State University, Talas State University, NSU, Batken State University, OGPI, ISU, the festival was attended by young talents, who showed their creativity at the highest level and won several awards.

The program of the festival includes:

  1. Video.Bcatering to students from the region and their viewers tobeautiful places in the field ofMediaandredefiningeducational institutions in order to promoteclip(7 minutes);
  2. Greeting–  (3 minutes);
  3. Folklore genre.

– Excerpt from the trilogy of manas (5 minutes);

– Performance of folk songs (love songs);

– Playing folk musical instruments (komuz, kayak, pipe, mouth komuz, etc.).

– swearing (due to the fact that it is the month of fasting).

  1. Choreographic genre.

  one Kyrgyz dance;

– Dance of the peoples of the world are often dance .

  1. The show.

 Humorous depiction of various aspects of life with satire, humor, interludes (5 minutes).

  1. Variety genre.

– Performance of works of famous Kyrgyz melodic composers in relation to their territories, for example, NSU “Narynym”, JASU “Jalal-Abad”, etc.

Dignity night in Kyrgyz village.

– Preparation of national dishes typical of the regions (ready arrival);

– race of knots;

– archery;

In addition to the concert program, the festival included trips to the Karakol Zoo, the Karasai Seki Museum Complex, and the Jety-Oguz Gorge.

  1. April 5, 2017.A 6-member delegation headed by Vice-Rector of Batken State University Kudaiberdi Saidievich arrived in Osh State University to get acquainted and exchange experiences. Representatives of the university warmly welcomed the guests and visited the museum, data center, scientific library, etc. The show introduced the sights of the university.
  2. April 4, 2018.Teachers’ mobility is goodAsanalieva Kiyal Aibashevna, Associate Professor of Kyrgyz Literature and Manas Studies, Issyk-Kul State University, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of the Jalyn People’s Theater, visited Osh State University on internal mobility within the framework of the Osh Declaration. Now he has two weeks of practice with colleagues at the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and JournalismIn exchange, students will return to gain lessons, master classes, get acquainted with the documents of the departments, gain professional motivation and growth. Ms. Kiyal was warmly welcomed by the International Relations Department, housed in the university guest house and introduced to the museum. He then appointed Vice-Rector A.O. They met with Abduvaliev and shared their plans for the next two weeks.

Dean of the Faculty Kiyal Aibashevna Ph.D., Assoc. Н. Turganbaev and Ph.D., prof. Г. The Zhamgyrchievas welcomed each other, introduced them to the community, and set up an individual work schedule. The guest added that the current achievements of Osh State University were very impressive and the first lesson was very impressive for the students.

Osh State University is always ready to accept teachers from schools in seven regions of Kyrgyzstan who want to exchange experiences, and its doors are always open for young people seeking knowledge.

  1. April 5, 2018.The caravan of guest lectures is at Issyk-Kul State University. Dean of the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology, Pedagogy and Art, Issyk-Kul State University, Doctor of Philology, Professor, author of fundamental works on structural and semantic analysis of proverbs, prominent scientist Dunkanaev Abdykalyk Toktogulovich on some topical issues of Kyrgyz language syntax and Kyrgyz philology Ph.D. in Journalism, Professor J. He gave an online lecture to the faculty and students, led by Elchiev. The lecture also touched upon new directions in modern Kyrgyz language science. At the end of the lesson, the audience received answers to their questions.

Several people have contributed to this small event. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Abdykalyk for his time, Ms. Indira, Chief Specialist of the International Relations Department of ISU, and the guys who provided technical services at their level, Dean Nurmamat Orozovich, Ravshan Uraimov and the participants. This lecture was also well received.

  1. April 12, 2018.The number of visitors to the Department of International Relations of Osh State University is growing Head of the Department of Finance, Credit and Auditing JASU, Ph.D., Assoc. A small delegation led by Aziza Karbekova visited the Osh State University and the Department of International Relations. With them, the head of the department S.M. Amiraliev shared the success of the university and told about about 180 leading universities in more than 30 countries, including the relationship with JASU. This information surprised and amazed them.

Booklets in three languages ​​were presented to the guests to learn more about the international relations of the Osh State University and the activities of the department.

6 May 22, 2018. A scientist from Osh State University gave a lecture to teachers of ISU Academician of the Kyrgyz National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Alymkulov Keldibay told teachers of Issyk-Kul State University “Higher mathematics, its place in life. What does he teach? ” gave an online lecture on the topic. Scientist’s lesson Rector of ISU Abdyldaev Kurmanbek Kiyanovich personally attended the event. He noted that academic exchanges between teachers and students are active and that they know Keldibay Alymkulovich as a famous scientist, and it is a great honor to learn from him.

It should be noted that this is the second such online lecture between Osh State University and ISU. One month ago, the authoritative professor of the pearl Issyk-Kul, Ph.D. Dunkanaev Abdykalyk Toktogulovich gave a lecture to teachers of the Kyrgyz Philology Faculty.