International funds, grants and scholarship programs

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1 National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic


2 Scholarships of the student association Copernicus e.V.


3 Fulbright Program
4 International Association for the Exchange of Student Internships in Engineering Specialties IAESTE


5 Exchange program for young musicians OneBeat


6 Short-term Study and Student Exchange Programs


7 Student Exchange Programs


8 Individual internships and grants by Erasmus Mundus ,


9 Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program (ITEC)


10 Trudeau Foundation, Doctoral programs in Humanities and Social Sciences


11 International Education Organization (NIIED) – Korean Government Grant; -Grant of the Korean government for undergraduate students.


12 HSP scholarships. The HSP (Huygens Scholarship Program) is intended for students in their final year of undergraduate or graduate programs, as well as for graduates who completed their studies no more than two years ago. Studying in the Netherlands may include conducting research and / or internships. Scholarships are awarded for a period of at least six and not more than 24 months. The HSP program is implemented by Nuffic, the Dutch organization for international cooperation in higher education.


13 Scholarships DELTA (Dutch Education: Learning at Top Level Abroad) The DELTA (Dutch Education: Learning at Top Level Abroad) program is implemented by Nuffic with the active participation of universities. Nuffic provides educational institutions with a grant that they use on certain conditions to award scholarships to foreign students. DELTA scholarships can cover accommodation, air travel, tuition and daily living expenses ..


14 Government of France. Scholarships for studies; – Scholarships to cover social insurance expenses; – Scholarships for the preparation of dissertations (PhD) under the joint Franco-Russian scientific leadership; – Eiffel Scholarships for the most outstanding students; -Program “Copernicus”; – Scholarships for internships; – Scholarships for language internships.



16 Marie Curie. Grants of the Government of France for scientific internships.


17 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. -Educational program “Intern researcher”; – Educational program “Student”; – The program “Japanese language and culture”.


18 Исследовательская программа стипендий Фулбрайта

The program is intended for specialists with a scientific degree and enables American scientists to give lectures in Kyrgyzstan, and for Kyrgyz specialists to conduct research in the United States.


19 Международная программа студенческого обмена (Global UGRAD)

This is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State that provides students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan with one-semester or full-time study. academic year in a US educational institution.


20 Программа Хьюберта Хамфри

provides an opportunity for talented professionals working in public or private institutions to spend a year in the United States to study at a university (without a degree) and gain practical experience related to their field of activity


21 Japanese Educational Program “Research Intern,” “Bachelor’s Student,” “Technical College Student,” “Vocational College Student”


22 Japanese Government Education Program (MONBUKAGAKUSO) “Program for Young Teachers
23 YLP Young Leaders Program through the SCS KR, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

This program provides state and municipal servants of Kyrgyzstan with the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree at universities in Japan.


24 Educational program of the Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSO) “Japanese language and Japanese culture”

One-year study program in Japan for university students. The main specialty of candidates should be a subject related to the Japanese language or Japanese culture.


25 Scholarships and grants of Trudeau

The Trudeau Foundation offers a number of scholarships and grants for international students studying for doctoral programs at selected Canadian universities.


26 IDRC Research Grants

State scholarships for students from developing countries to study for master’s or doctoral programs at an accredited Canadian university.


27 The program of scholarship programs to them. F. Bunting

These are state scholarships and grants that are offered to foreign students wishing to study for graduate programs in the field of natural and social sciences or health care.


28 Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Doctoral Tuition Waivers 

Every year, the Frankfurt School of Finance offers 10 scholarships for doctoral students studying in the English program at the schools of finance, accounting, mathematics and business administration.



29 The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship fellowship program was created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France to attract the best foreign students to the master’s and doctoral programs of French universities.



30 Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships

This scholarship is funded by the Bayer Foundation and is intended for international students planning to work as educators in the field of science. In particular, the fund finances academic projects, internships, summer courses, training courses, continuing education programs and trainings for science teachers







31 Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award

The scholarship is intended for young scientists entering the universities of England for doctoral programs for research in the field of social sciences, medicine, technology or the natural sciences. The scholarship program cooperates with only 20 universities in the country, including Cambridge University, Oxford University and the London School of Economics.


32 The Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship is designed for low-income students from a number of countries who wish to study in England at the master’s or doctoral level. Scholarships are available to students entering Oxford University, Reading University and the School of Oriental and African Studies for any specialty.



Apolitical-STEaPP Scholarship

A prestigious scholarship for future leaders in public administration, social work, international relations, business and innovation. Any student who intends to receive an MPA degree at University College London can take part in the scholarship competition.


34 Rotary Foundation Global Grants for Development

Стипендиальные программы Rotary focused on one of six areas: conflict resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water supply and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, economic and social development


35 Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

Swedish Institute (SI) –

a government agency that provides scholarships for international students.

The deadline for submission of documents depends on the date established by the university.


36 University of Waterloo

Various scholarships offered to international students studying for master’s or doctoral programs at the University of Waterloo.


37 Queens University

A series of scholarships for international students studying at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.


38 Concordia University

Various scholarships for study in Canada, at Concordia University, in Montreal, which are available to foreign students studying in undergraduate programs.


39 McGill University

Scholarship programs McGill Entrance and PBEEE – scholarship for special academic success for international students, valid for postgraduate students and postgraduate programs—quebec-merit-scholarship-for-foreign-students


39 ITEC (India)

The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program (ITEC) is India’s flagship initiative aimed at developing partnerships through the exchange of experience and skills with other developing countries.
40 Global Korea Scholarship
41 Korea Foundation ,