Indian Center and activities:


The Indian center was opened in 1997 on the initiative of the rector of Osh State University professor Beshimov B. Zh. and the Ambassador of India in Kyrgyzstan Mr. Ram Mukija.It was one of the first real steps in establishment of international relations of Osh State University with India and Indian institutions.

The ancient Indian civilization, the centuries-old history, the richest culture, original philosophical traditions, modern achievements of science, equipment and high technologies, community of interests, old historical links define interest to this great country.

Opening of the center gave ample opportunities for training of students at the rate “Indian civilization”, assuming studying of history, culture, various aspects of life of modern India; developments of knowledge of youth about India; strengthening of friendly communications between our people.


Rector Osh State University Professor Bakyt Beshimov and Ambassador of India to the Kyrgyzstan

Rector Osh State University Professor Bakyt Beshimov and Ambassador of India


Degree in Indian Civilization:

Training of students in the center is conducted according to the curriculum developed by the Indian experts under the direction of the head of the national center of arts of a name I. Gandhi madam Kapilla Vatsayan. All course “Indian Civilization” is calculated on three years’ training.

In the course of training students get acquainted with history, philosophy, culture, art, literature, architecture, modern achievements of India and other aspects of the Indian history and reality.

Lectures, practical, seminar training and other types of works are conducted in English by the highly qualified specialist from India – the expert of ICCR. As a rule, it is professors from various leading universities directed for work in the Indian center for 1-3 years. So, in 1997-1998 professor of Delhi university of distance learning named after Indira Gandhi Mr. Pandit worked.

In 1998-2001 – professor of Patna university Ruby Roy, From 2001 to 2004 Dr. Jiotsna Bakshi from institute of strategic research and the analysis of New Delhi fruitfully worked. The new impulse to work of the center was given by professor of political science and the international relations, Dr. Goutam Kumar Basu from university of Calcutta, fruitfully fulfilled in Osh State University from 2007 to 2009. From October, 2009 to June, 2010 in the Indian center professor of Goa university (India) Mr. Badruddin conducted.


Students of India Center with Professor Badruddin of Goa University
Local students of Indian Center with Professor Badruddin of Goa University



Upon completion of training, to the students who have successfully passed examinations and interview, OSh State University degree is issued. Practice shows that graduates of the Indian center of Osh State University find a job without special difficulties, thanks to good level of preparation and knowledge of English and general knowledge and knowledge of international relations and international current affairs.

The best students (2-3 people) have opportunity according to the petition of the Indian center annually to pass one – two-three-months training in India according to the ICCR and ITEC programs. Also to be trained in Postgraduate departments of leading Indian universities. Besides educational process various out-of-class work is conducted also. The state holidays of India – the Independence Day (on August 15), Day of the republic (on January 26) are annually celebrated.

Began good tradition to arrange and for national holidays – Care, Divali, holidays of spring, a crop and Indian cuisine.

Pass reader’s conferences, literary musicales on life and Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru’s creativity, Abul Kalam Azad, Indira Gandhi, etc. In the center there are the amateur performances. Students learn the Indian national songs, dances and speak at various actions.

Students show traditions of the Kyrgyz and Indian people.


Students of Indian Center of Osh State University presenting cultural show
Students of Indian Center of Osh State University presenting cultural show


The center is equipped with the latest computer hardware and software equipments, necessary library which totals about 600 names of books, grants, magazines in the English, transferred from India. There are also educational, scientific popular videos and the audio material, some periodicals and documentaries on India.

Activity of the Indian center is shined in the publication – the newsletter. It includes messages from the Indian center, acquaints students and readers with news from India and contains articles of students on various parties of the Indian reality and history. issued in the Russian and English languages.

The newsletter extends by means of Embassy of India in KR on all large higher educational institutions and the interested organizations of our country, and also go to universities of India, council for cultural ties (ICCR). Close working connection with many faculties and chairs of universities Osh, with higher education institutions of Batken and Jalalabad areas is established. Scientists are familiar with work of the center from universities of Fergana Valley – Andizhan, Fergana, Namangan and Hodzhent. There are contacts with the Indian cultural centers in Astana, Tashkent, Dushanbe and Mahatma Gandhi’s club in the Bishkek humanities university.

In the center for several years the photo exhibition “The invitation to India” which is visited actively by school students and students of higher education institutions of the city of Osh constantly works. The salon of the Indian movies operating at the center enjoys a great interest of the youth in videos and films.

All aspects of activity of the Indian center and communication of Osh State University with the Indian party periodically find the reflection in mass media and on TV.


on the opening of annual exhibition THE INVITATON TO INDIA at India center of Osh State University
on the opening of annual exhibition THE INVITATON TO INDIA at India center of Osh State University