International relations office (iro)

-is a subdivision of the Osh state University, coordinating the external relations of the University

The main principles of DIR are:

– Development of relations of Osh state University with the international scientific and educational structures;

– Formation of platforms for dialogue with educational institutions of near and far abroad.

The main purposes and tasks of DIR are:

– Implementation of relations of Osh state University with higher educational institutions of foreign States, organizations and centers, scientific and educational activities;

– cooperation with foreign educational, research and cultural centers, foundations, institutions and individual representatives of education, science and culture of foreign countries for improving the educational process, scientific innovation and cultural life of Osh state University;

– Introduction and distribution of foreign and native advanced experience in the field of science and education.

Department of International Relations’ main activities:

– Participate in determining the prospects of development of international relations of Osh State University;

– Drawing up reports DIR on international relations;

-submitting the Academic Council, the Rector, Vice-Rector of the required documents, materials, information relating to international relations.

– Preparation for the signing of agreements, contracts and other documents on cooperation with foreign partners;

– Performance analysis and monitoring implementation of agreements in the field of international interuniversity cooperation Osh State University;

-make proposals relating to the establishment of requirement of cooperation; training materials and analytical overview on the development of international inter-university cooperation for consideration by the Osh State University leadership and the meetings of the Academic Council on the areas within the competence of the DIR and development projects of the relevant decisions and recommendations;

– Participation in the work of creating and maintaining a database of the international activities of the Osh State University;

– Participation in work on creation and maintenance of a database on the international activities of the academic staff of Osh state University;

– Introduction of foreign correspondence and bring its content to the attention of the rector, deans of faculties, heads of departments and other stakeholders;

– Implementation of correspondent relations with foreign countries and creating an enabling environment for the participation in the integration of scientific and educational processes;

-consulting support the activities of faculties and departments for the development of international projects;

– Providing advice on academic staff and attract students to participate in international educational programs.

– Organization of international scientific conferences

– Information and promotion of the achievements of research academic staff and students at the international level;

-meeting and support of foreign partners, coordination of their work with the faculties;

– Clarification of existing legislation to foreign nationals in the field of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, the internal regulations of educational organizations

– Organization and coordination of external academic mobility in accordance with the regulations on Academic mobility of Osh state University.