International Medical Faculty


On August 29, 2015 by the decision of Scientific Council of Osh State University was founded the International School of Medicine. There are two departments Fundamental Theoretical Disciplines and Clinical Disciplines.
The Department of Fundamental Theoretical disciplines offer highly-innovative medical programs. These programs are comprised of theoretical fundamental courses and hands-on laboratory experiments in areas of biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, histology, microbiology, normal physiology, and other medical disciplines.

In our Fundamental Theoretical Disciplines Department work about 15 professors, associate professors, assistant professors and more than 20 senior, distinguished lecturers and instructors. We are English medium institution, with an international faculty and staff.
New technology of training, computer and video applications for learning are available. Also there is an opportunity to conduct scientific and creative research works. For students best work and learning atmosphere are created to participate research work, laboratory trainings, and other students’ specific needs.