about the head of the group

Osh, 2017

1. General Provisions

1.1. The head of the study group (head) is a student from among the students of the group who is elected by the members of the group to perform public and administrative functions.

1.2. In his work, the elder is subject to the orders of the administration of the international medical faculty (hereinafter – MMF), the dean of the faculty, deputy deans of educational and educational work, the curator of the student group.

1.3. The elder is a link in the system of organization of the educational process between the group, the administration and public organizations of the university. The headman is the representative of the dean’s office in the group.

2. Duties of the head of the training group

The head of the group must:

2.1 Manage the Charter of the Osh State University, the internal regulations of the faculty and the university;

2.2 Follow the academic discipline in the group, attendance of classes by students of the group, observance of internal regulations.

2.3 Before the start of classes, the elder receives a journal in the educational department (dean’s office) of the faculty, and at the end of the day he deposits it for storage;

2.4 Perform in due time all types of tasks of the administration of the MMF relating to educational and educational work in their group;

2.5Be an example for students in educational, scientific work and social life of the group and faculty;

2.6 To organize student groups for community service;

2.7 Make every effort to form a healthy climate in the student team, a positive image of the specialty, faculty, university, eliminate all negative and antisocial phenomena, deviant behavior among students of the study group;

2.8Make suggestions for improving the living conditions and training of students of the study group;

2.9Timely transmit the necessary information from the dean of the faculty and public organizations of the university to all students of the group;

2.10 Participate in the meetings of the faculty student council;

2.11 To have a list of your group with contact numbers, date of birth, actual place of residence;

2.12 Notify students about changes in the schedule of studies;

2.13 Collect and hand over to the dean’s office student cards and transcripts of students in their group for renewal;

2.14 To form a group asset to ensure a successful learning process and order in the group.

3. Rights of the head of the study group

The head of the study group has the right to:

1. Receive information about the activities of the university administration, faculty, public organizations that affect the interests, rights and duties of students;

2. Represent the interests of the study group in the elected and administrative bodies of the university, in the student council;

3. To submit to the dean’s office, the university administration and the student council of the university proposals for the promotion of students who succeed in education, who are actively engaged in research work and participate in the public life of the university;

4. To submit to the dean’s office proposals to improve the organization of the educational process;

5. To submit to the dean’s office, the university administration, the student council of the university proposals for imposing a penalty on students evading from the duties stipulated by the charter, violating the internal regulations;

6. To the encouragement of the dean’s office or public organizations and associations, subject to the qualitative performance of their duties;

7. Within the limits of its competence, issue oral orders that are binding for all students of the group.

4. The order of election, appointment and release of the head of the group.

4.1. A student for a group in the top five of the ranked list in the AVN Osh State University may be a candidate for election as an elder.

4.2. The elder is elected at the general meeting of the study group (subject to a quorum – more than 50% of the total number of students in the study group) by open or closed vote in consultation with the chairman of the student council of the faculty, the curator of the student group and the deputies for educational and training work.

4.3. A student of a study group is considered to be elected to the position of elder; more than 50% of the students in the group who are present at the elections (subject to a quorum) vote for it.

4.4. On the basis of the minutes of the meeting of students of the educational group, the elder is appointed by order of the dean of the faculty for a period of 1 year.

4.5. Elections of the head of the study group are held in the first three weeks from the date of the official start of classes in the study group.

4.6. It is possible the early release of the elder from his duties by order of the dean of the faculty on the basis of:

– submission by the deputies of the dean on educational and training work with the unsatisfactory performance of their duties;

– on their own.

4.7. The re-election of the elder in case of his early release from his duties takes place at the general meeting of the training group within two weeks from the day of the elder’s status being lost by the previous student.

4.8. The dean’s office has the right to remove the head in cases of poor study or misconduct. After the elder is removed from office, the study group recommends a new candidate and submits it for approval to the dean of the faculty;

4.9. 3a successful and conscientious fulfillment of their duties may be financially rewarded by the head of the university administration.


5.1. The control over the implementation of this provision is carried out by the vice-rector for academic affairs of the university.

5.2. The deans of faculties, deputy deans for educational and academic work, curators of educational groups are responsible for the implementation of the implementation of provisions.