International Medical Faculty of Osh State University was established on August 29, 2015 on the decision of the Academic Council of OshSU (N1 meeting, order N1263). International Medical Faculty is led by the dean of the faculty Professor, M.D. Muratov Zh. K. There are 6 departments and the dean’s structure: Department of Public Health – head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Turusbekova A.K., Clinical Disciplines N1 – head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Mamatova S.M., Clinical Disciplines N2 – head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Bugubaeva M.M., department of Morphological disciplines – head of the department is Professor, M.D. Belov G.V., Department of Natural Sciences and Maths – head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Nishanov A.A., Departmnet of Social-Humanitarian Disciplines – head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Ysmailova R.A., vice-deans – PhD Djumaeva L.M., senior instructor Atabaev I.N., vice-dean on student affairs and tution payment – senior instructor Mitalipova A.N., vice-dean on scientific affairs – PhD, Associate Professor Tashmatova N.M., Chairperson of Methodical Council – PhD, Associate Professor Bugubaeva M.M., vice-dean on clinical practice – Ismailov I.Zh. are contributing to the establishment of the faculty. Based on the work of the mission of the Osh State University we can assure that we can contribute to the positive: competence and modern quality assurance in teaching process; integration into the world space of education, science and culture; formation of moral, cultural and scientific values of the younger generation; training highly qualified personnel who can use intellectual potential for carrying out professional activities in science, industry to ensure the country′s economic, social and political development.
Faculty staff, Scientific research activities
The International Medical Faculty of Osh State University is the higher educational establishment in the south of Kyrgyzstan. More than 2202 foreign students study at the faculty and 151-teaching staff works at the 6 departments of IMF. 10 Doctors of Medical Science, 29 Candidates of Sciences, 2 PhD, 2 Honored Doctors, 11 senior teachers, 91 teachers and more than 30 Excellent Workers of Public Health and Education are successfully working at the faculty. Teachers of IMF actively participate in international conferences and workshops, also they organize students` research club. Main directions of scientific work at the International Medical Faculty: • Histology and Embryology: morphological features of placenta in women with full-term pregnancy considering age, constitutional causes and ethnic factors. • Pathophysiology: investigation of morphofunctional features of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. • Biochemistry and chemistry: the development of drugs based on natural compounds and the synthesis of active substances (HIV, cancer cells, tuberculosis). • Rheumatology: clinical and immunological features of pulmonary disease in rheumatoid arthritis • Pediatrics: clinical and functional characteristics of non-rheumatic heart damage in children in the southern region of the republic. • Surgery: modern possibilities of combined low invasive correction of the bile duct. Surgical tactics with hemorrhoids complicated by anemia. • Gynecology: Superficial activity of amniotic fluid and placental microstructures in low mountain, mid-mountain and high mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan. • Pharmacology: pharmacoepidemiology of drugs for community-acquired pneumonia in the elderly in the KR. • Challenges of global civilization: social and humanitarian aspects.
Methodical Council , Educational-Cultural work, Material-Technical Base 
Methodical Council of the International Medical Faculty of OSU decided perspective plan of the faculty for the 2016-2017 academic years. Currently, faculty staff is working on improving the quality of education for foreign students. The educational work of the IMF is carried out according to the educational work plan approved by the rector of the Osh State University. The development of personal and professional qualities of medical professionals is very important in the educational process. Their specialty requires a constant relationship with people, as well as the relationship in the “doctor-patient” and “student-teacher” systems which positively affects the humanity, the diagnostic and the entire treatment process. IMF at the Osh State University held next activities: “Students Dedication Day”, “International Students Day”, “International Mother Language Day”, “Diwali”, “Independence Day of India”, “Indira Gandhi′s Birthday”, activities organized by the Department of OshSU: “Perfect couple of OshSU”, “Mr. OshSU”, “Miss OshSU”, “Spring season in OshSU”. Besides the students of the faculty take active part in contests: “Best Deputy Dean for Educational Unit”, “Best Curator”, “Best Group of OshSU”, “Best Student of OshSU”, “Best Chairman of Youth Committee”. Generally speaking we aim training students’ civic responsibility in education, social works, and actively develop the leadership qualities and creativity to become involved in education. The material and technical base of the MMF includes a modern 4-storeyed building with 3 lecture halls. All educational auditoriums equipped with the necessary equipment. In general, there are 14 lecture-rooms, 87 auditoriums for students use. Reading hall is used in cooperation for both International students of the International Medical Faculty and students of Faculty of Medicine. There are 26 200 units-general literature, 10 500 units- textbooks, 15 000 units – e-books, 200 units – additional literature and 500 units- manuals at the faculty for foreign students.
Relations with stakeholders for training specialists. International relations
The International Medical Faculty supports in high level with their educational processes and clinical basis. Students get knowledge from Osh Regional Clinical Hospital, Osh Territorial City Hospital, Osh Regional and City Maternity Hospital, Regional Oncological and Tubercular Clinics, and many other best medical institutions. Educational processes, clinical basis equipped with modern technologies. Students of International Medical Faculty practice their clinical practice in medical institutions, and additionally in their native country. In this field one of the main things is clinical practice. During their practice they learn abroad and deepen much more about their specialization courses and get experience how to research patient’s diseases, learn to interact with other doctors, their interactions with patients and patient’s relatives and also to develop ethical and deontological aspects. There are a set of agreements of the International Medical Faculty with Regional hospitals, clinics and Educational Institutions. During their clinical practice students can get information not only having practice as future specialist, but about their future job or working place as well. Cooperation is set with Faculty teaching staff with foreign country higher educational institutions. KSMA (Bishkek), KRSU (Bishkek), Medical Faculty of JASU, KR NSA, Ankara and Erdjies Universities (Turkey). More than 70 teachers and more than 205 students are taking a part in academical exchanging project “Mevlana”.