The list of clinical sites in the city of Osh.


  1. Osh Regional United Clinical Hospital
  2. Osh Regional Family Medicine Center
  3. Osh Interregional Children’s Clinical Hospital
  4. Osh Regional Drug Dispensary
  5. Osh Interregional Center of Oncology
  6. Osh Regional Tuberculosis Control Center
  7. Osh regional dermatovenerologic dispensary
  8. Osh Regional Mental Health Center
  9. Osh regional dental clinic
  10. Osh regional center of state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance
  11. Osh Regional Center for Health Promotion
  12. Osh regional center “AIDS”
  13. Osh Regional Center for Human Reproduction
  14. Territorial Hospital of Osh
  15. Ambulance station in Osh
  16. Osh city center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision
  17. Dental clinics №№ 1.2 Osh
  18. Family Medicine Center “Family World”, Osh
  19. Family Medicine Center “Too Demi”, Osh
  20. Center for family medicine “Denis Sak El”, Osh
  21. Family Medicine Center “Medicine for You”, Osh
  22. Family Medicine Center “Bulut”, Osh
  23. Center of family medicine “Zhaina” Osh
  24. Center of family medicine “Zhagalmay” Osh