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Osh State University

International Medical Faculty

Department of Social and Humanitarian Discipline

2018-2019 academic year

Department of Social and Humanitarian Discipline was founded in 2017, July (Protocol №8 of July 6, 2017). Head of the department is Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Ysmailova R. A. 24 teachers are working there at the department, among them 2 Candidates of Philosophy, 9 Senior Lecturers, 13 teachers and 1 head office 1 laboratory assistant.

The main objective of the work at the department is the organization of educational, methodical and scientific research working the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Realization of the set goals of is achieved in such areas as:

· Qualified lectures, seminars and other types of trainings; organization and guidance of student`s work and determination of its work

· Organization and implementation of events, extracurricular (educational) work with students

· Preparation of both printed and electronic textbooks, teaching packages, lecture notes, methodological literature and educational-practical publications.

· Summarizing and sharing the experience of the best teachers; assisting young teachers in mastering pedagogical skills.

· Development of curricula and work programs on the subjects read by the teachers of the department, and also the preparation of conclusions on curricula compiled by other departments.

· The undertaking of research work; guidance of student`s research work and discussion of completed research.

· Promoting cultural and moral values and increasing intellectual potential of lecturers and students, who possess the knowledge and competence in the social, humanitarian sphere.