1. Search for potential, highly effective natural compounds from plants, and microorganisms occurring in the flora of Kyrgyzstan, and the development of medicines (pharmaceutical agents) for use in medicine.

2. Creation of software for geo-information systems of the city and mathematical modeling of the effect of a natural obstacle on the distribution of environmentally harmful impurities (by the example of Osh)

Development of research and innovation activities in the system of professional medical education and integration processes of science, education and practical application of the results;

1. Conducting the planned scientific work of the department collectives in accordance with the subject of scientific schools and priority areas of medical science.

Currently, research is carried out within the framework of research centers and 2 research areas covering the key problems of modern medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmacy headed by: prof. Nishanov A. A.,

The problems of creating new scientific laboratories, centers or institutes as well as improving the methods of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases are being developed use of natural medicines in medicine; research chemical composition, the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity; studying the mechanisms of neoplastic, viral (infectious), and also of vascular diseases in the conditions of Kyrgyzstan;

2. Performing research on targeted research programs, grants, contests and contractual research.

The department plans and some areas are already involved in solving urgent problems of regional health, performing research territorial, regional, regional, city programs on the prevention and treatment of hypertension, cancer, kidney, etc.