Mamatova Sabirahan Myrzaevna – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. 
Medical experience -33 years. 
Certified medical specialty “therapy” hematologist of the highest qualification category. 
“Excellence in Public Health” Experience in scientific and pedagogical activity -14 years. 
Scientific specialty 14.0029-hematology. Author of 12 scientific papers. 
Courses taught: “internal diseases”, “hematology”, “clinical immunology”. 
Contact information: (+996) 773 71 44 71 

Mamasaidov Abdumitalib Tashaliyevich-Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor 
Lecturer of the Department of Clinical Disciplines No. 1 
Physician Therapist 
Director of the Southern Branch of KSMIPIPK 
Total work experience 
27 years Disciplined disciplines: “internal diseases1” 
Contact information: 0552 75 70 40 

Rysbekova Gulnara Satarovna – Candidate of Medical Sciences. 
Lecturer of the department “clinical disciplines №1”. 
Endocrinologist. Head of the Department of Endocrinology at the OOCH. 
Total work experience 34 years. Courses taught: Endocrinology 
Contact information: (+996) 550 36 15 28

Mashrapov Shermamat Zhusupovich, PhD
Lecturer in “clinical disciplines №1»
Physician Anesthesiologist in the Department OARIT
doctor neurosurgeon at the Department of Neurosurgery OMOKB Osh
Disciplines: “Neurology and Neurosurgery”
Total experience 24 years
Contact: (+996) 777 06 66 06
 Executive Summary 

Karataeva Gulnara Tolonovna – Candidate of Medical Sciences. 
Lecturer of the department “clinical disciplines №1”.
Gastroenterologist. Head of the Department of Gastroenterology at OOKB. 
Total work experience 29 years. Courses taught: “Internal Diseases 1” 
Contact information: (+996) 550 12 04 55 

Sadykova Altynai Akbaralievna – Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences. 
Total length of 16 years, teaching experience of 7 years. 
Medical specialty “Family Doctor”, was retrained in the specialty “Infectious Diseases”. 
Author of 10 scientific papers. 
Taught subject: “Family Medicine”. 
Contact information: (+ 996) 779 01 21 10 

Pazylova Baktygul Tahirzhanovna 
Lecturer ‘clinical disciplines №1 » 
doctor kozhvenerolog 
Disciplines,” Dermatology ” 
Overall experience 11 years 
Details: (+ 996) 550 05 25 05 

Samieva Baktygulov Mamatibraimovna 
Lecturer’ clinical disciplines №1» 
doctor neuropathologist OOKB, Osh Courses 
taught: “Neurology and Neurosurgery” “Psychiatry and Narcology” 
Total work experience 16 years 
Contact Some data: (+996) 772 39 00 96

Irisov Askar Payzuldaevich 
Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Disciplines No. 1 Courses 
taught: “Internal Diseases 4”, “Basics of Clinical Skills” 
Total Work Experience 16 years 
Contact: (+996) 553 36 05 99 

Arstanbekov Sabyrbek Rustamovich Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Disciplines No. 1 » Dentist Doctor Disciplines taught:“ Dentistry ” Total work experience 10 years Contact data: (+996) 777 49 03 96

Esengeldi Kyzy Ayzhamal 
Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Disciplines No. 1 
Physician Therapist Courses taught 
: Internal Diseases, Hematology. 
Overall experience: 3y.o. 
Contact: 0553-091308 

Salieva Rana Sherbaevna 
Lecturer “Clinical disciplines №1» 
Physician pulmonologist OMOKB 
Disciplines “internal medicine”, “Clinical Immunology” 
Overall experience 8 years 
Contact information: 0779 66 44 87 

Abdykalykova Nurgul Sulaymanovna 
Lecturer “Clinical disciplines №1» 
Disciplines: “Neurology and Neurosurgery” 
Total experience 11 years 
Contact: 0552-050833 

Esenalieva Zhazgul Abdrahmanovna Lecturer “Clinical disciplines №1» therapists Disciplines: “Dermatovenereology” Total work experience 4 years Contact data: 0777-490396 Summary

Turdaliev Samatbek Orozalievich assistant lecturer in “clinical disciplines №1» The doctor at the clinic therapist Osh State University Teaching subjects: “Internal Medicine 1,” “fundamentals of clinical skills” general experience p bots 2 years

Contact information: (+ 996) 773671690; (0707) 300290 


Akbalaeva Begimay Akbalaevna 
Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Disciplines No. 1 
Physician cardiologist 
Taught disciplines: “internal diseases” 
Total work experience 6 years 
Contact data: (+996) 556 65 50 11 

Azhimamatova Rakhima Momunovna 
Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Disciplines №1 
Physician therapist Courses taught 
: “internal diseases”, “basic clinical skills” 
Total work experience 4 years
Contact information: 0779 39 49 23 


Asanbek Kyzy Ayperi 
Assistant Lecturer of the Department: “Clinical Disciplines No. 1” 
Physician Therapist Courses 
taught: “Internal Diseases”, “Basics of Clinical Skills” 
Total Work 
Experience: 5 years Contact: 0773-977837