On May 12, a scientific conference of students and young scientists of the International Medical Faculty of the Osh State University “Results of scientific activity of the IMF OSU in 2016-2017 academic year” will be held. The language is – English. Students should prepare presentations for 3-5 minutes. Topics of the reports: 1) Dissertations defended by MMF staff in 2016-2017. • MuratovZh. (MD) • Tashmatova N. (cms) • Kalmatov R.K. (MD) • Dzhumaeva LM (PhD) • (E) Karimova N.A. (Cms) (Photo of dissertators;an essay; diploma, if already received;an essay in English: title, scientific novelty, practical significance). 2) Monographs written by the employees of the IMF in 2016-2017. • Kalmatov R.K. and a co-author (Cellular and molecular …) • Belov GV, Dzholdubaeva M.Y. and co-authors (Sun treatment at the resorts of Kyrgyzstan) • Belov G.V. And co-authors (Russian-Kyrgyz terminological dictionary) • Belov G.V. and co-authors (Technical Regulation in the Food Beverage Industry) • Belov G.V., Amiakulova A.K. “Formation of the medical science of Kyrgyzstan in the pre-war and war years”. • (Photos of authors, books, essays in English) 3) Applications for inventions submitted in 2016-2017. • Belov G.V., Karimova N.A. and etc. • Kalmatov R.K., Belov G.V., Dzhumaeva L.M. • Belov G.V., Atabaev I.N. and etc. • Belov G.V., Zhoroeva A. K., Seitova A. S. and others. • (Photo of the authors, an essay of the invention in English) 4) Scientific conferences organized by the faculty: • Symposium, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Professor B.F. Malysheva, Bishkek, 13 April. • VIII International Academic Conference “Medical, psychological and educational support for people in extreme climatic, ecological and social conditions”, Turkey, Kemer, April 30-May 7. • (Photo of moderators, speakers, certificates, an essay in English) 5) Communications of young scientists about directed and published articles (Ali Abas, Seitova A., Eshyeva A., Zhoroeva A., etc.). 6) Report of Vice Dean for Science Tashmatova N. “The results of the scientific activities of the faculty in figures.” We are invitingthe students of IMF to participate in the conference. Report 5 points, participation 1 point. Get the highest score on the module without participation in the conference is not possible.