Affiliated hospitals

International Medical faculty Osh State University is affiliated with educational and clinical institutions. Teaching hospitals are well equiped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level. In particular, all types of diagnostics, thermovision, angiography, endoscopic technique, MRI, CT scan and  highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy, modern efferent methods of de-toxication and many others are widely used here.students are trained at best diagnostic centres and hospitals of the city such as-;

Osh State University Medical Clinic

Osh Provincial Clinical Hospital

Osh city territorial Hospital

Osh InterProvincial Clinical Children Hospital

Perinatal Centre

Provincial Materinity Home

Medical Centre"ZAMAT"

Osh InterProvincial Centre of Oncology

City Hospital of Infectious diseases

HIV-AIDS prevention Centre