Dr. Kalmatov Roman


Date and place of birth: 09/26/1980, Kyrgyzstan

Marital status: Married



2016. Osh State University, Physiotherapist

2008.  KGMIPiPK, ultrasound doctor

Institute of Western Education (Taylor)
English and Business Basics Courses

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
(Certificate of a medical surgeon)

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Osh State University
Secondary school number 20

Work experience:


2021 – Vice-rector for medical work and development of clinical bases of Osh State University

2020 – 2021 Adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic

2020 – National Expert on Reforming Higher Education in the Kyrgyz Republic

2020 – Project Manager for Osh State University “Development of PhD doctoral studies and scientific

potential of Kyrgyzstan / DERECKA “Erasmus Plus

2018 – 2020 Medical Advisor to the Rector of Osh State University

2016 – 2021 Director of UNIPK “University Clinic” Osh State University

2015 – 2016 Osh State University, International Medical

Faculty, Dean

2016 – 2020 Project manager for Osh State University “Strengthening the network of education, science and

innovation in environmental health in Asia »Erasmus Plus

2014-2015 Osh State University, Faculty of Postgraduate

Medical Education, Dean

2015 – Medical Coordinator of the Academic Program “Mevlana” Turkey

2014 – Developer of the Postgraduate Reform Program

medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic.

2012-2015 TEMPUS Project Coordinator – Central Asian Network for Education, Research

and Innovation in Environmental Health

2011 – Consultant, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics of the medical center

MK Medical Clinic, Osh.

2010 – 2014 Osh State University, Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education, Deputy Dean

2006-present Osh State University, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Biochemistry, Pathophysiology

2005-2006 Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, Faculty of Medicine

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

2004 -2005 Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, Faculty of Medicine

Deputy Dean for Contract

2003-2006 Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, Faculty of Medicine, Osh

Department of Morphology, Senior Lecturer in Pathological Physiology


Scientific achievements:

2005 Ph.D. thesis defense at the dissertation council at KRSU – candidate of medical sciences

2017 Defense of a doctoral dissertation at the Interdepartmental Dissertation Council

D 03.16.533 – Doctor of Medical Sciences

2015 Professor RAE

2018 Professor of Osh State University

2020 Member of the international community of doctors of ultrasound diagnostics in the field

Obstetrics and Gynecology, London, England.

2020 Corresponding Member of RAE, Moscow.


Professional skills:

Sociability, responsibility, punctuality



2011 – RUDN, Moscow – seminar

2013 – University of Tsukuba, Japan – workshop

2013, 2017 – University of Milan, Italy – Public Health Workshop

2013, 2017 – University of Tartu, Estonia – Public Health Workshop

2013 – Sangrenska University, Sweden – Public Health Workshop

2015 – Universities of Munich, Jena, Kiel, Germany – DAAD Scholar

2015 – Nazarbayev University, Astana – Forum of Young Leaders

2015 – Ata-Turk University, Turkey – lecturer

2016, 2018 – India, Delhi – member of the cooperation delegation

2016 – Adnan Menderes Turkey, Ak-Deniz Antalya – lecturer

2017 – Berlin Technical University, Germany – Blended-learning workshop

2017 – Lugano, Switzerland – eHealth Summer School

2018 – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Health Care Management Seminar

2018 – Zwickau Institute for Applied Technologies, Germany – Seminar on digitalization in the healthcare system

2018 – Jumhuriyet University, Sivas, Turkey – Lecturer on the Erasmus Plus program.

2019 – University of Cadiz, Spain – trainer, teacher in the Erasmus plus program.

2019 – Salzburg, Austria – seminar for pathologists

2020 – Fetal Medicine Foundation, London, England – Webinar Series


Additional information:

Knowledge of languages: Kyrgyz – native, Russian – fluent, Uzbek – good,

English – good