Kendzhaev İdirisbek Gulamovich, Vice Rector for Scientific Works


Date of birth: November 5, 1953

Place of birth: Toktogul village, Kurgantepa district, Andijan region, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Marital status : Married. has three children.

Education: Higher. Technical University, Bishkek, (1978 – 1983) Postgraduate Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Candidate of Technical Sciences (1997), Doctor of Technical Sciences (2006), Academician of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic (2011).




1983-1988 – Lecturer, Department of Automobile Transport, Osh Evening Faculty, Frunze Polytechnic Institute;

1988-1991 – study in the graduate school of the Physicotechnical Institute of the Scientific-Production Association Physics of the Sun, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

1991-1996 – Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of the Department of “Road Transport” of the Osh Higher College of Technology;

1996-1998 – Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Energy and Transport of Osh Technological University;

1998-2000 – Dean of the correspondence engineering and technical faculty of Osh Technological University;

2000-2002 – Vice-Rector for Science and External Relations of Osh Technological University;

2002-2003 – Head of the Laboratory of Renewable Energy, Southern Division of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic;

2003-2007 – Head of the Department of Power Supply and Automobile Transport of the Physico-Technical Faculty of Osh State University;

2007-2010 – Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Osh State University;

2010-2011 – Vice-Rector for Distance and Distance Learning at Osh State University;

2011-2013 – and about. Rector of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek University;

2013-2015 – Director of the Department of Investments and Innovations, Osh State University

2015-2016 – Head of the Department of Magistracy and Phd Doctoral School of Osh State University;

2016 to the present, Vice-Rector for Science at Osh State University.

Scientific interests:

Head of the scientific school “Innovative Technologies in Energy”. The main directions of the research conducted by the school are the development of fundamentally new power plants based on renewable energy sources using innovative technologies.

Under his leadership, 3 doctoral students, 5 graduate students, 4 applicants and 5 undergraduates conduct research, of which two graduate students successfully completed and defended their dissertations. At the moment, 1 doctoral candidate and 2 graduate students are completing dissertation work.

From 2014 to the present, he is the chairman of the dissertation council on the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations D 05.17.541 at Osh State University (co-founder of the Research Institute of Energy and Economics at the PEECE).

Coordinator of the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) for the Southern Region on a voluntary basis.

Manager of three International Science Projects on the NATO Science for Peace programs, EC INKO-KOPERNICUS and ISTC.


Full member of the Academy of Engineering of the Kyrgyz Republic.


– Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic (1998);

– Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Energy and Transport of the Kyrgyz Republic (2007);

– Excellence in Public Education of the Kyrgyz Republic (2000).