Osumbekov Bayyshbek Ziyaydinovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Osh State University

Information about yourself

Year and place of birth: November 7, 1962, Zhany Aryk village, Karasu district, Osh region

Nationality: Kyrgyz

Marital status: Married



1980-1986. Higher. Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine.


work experience

1986-87 – one-year internship, Osh interregional joint clinical hospital, specialty “surgery”.

1987-92 – Radiologist, Radioisotope and Ultrasound Department

1992-95 – head of the radioisotope and ultrasound department

1995-96 – Deputy Chief Physician for Surgery, Osh Interregional Joint Clinical Hospital

1996-97 – Head of the 1st surgical department of the Osh Interregional Joint Clinical Hospital

1997-2009 – head of the ultrasound department.

2009-2019 – Head of the 2nd Surgical Department of the Osh Interregional Joint Clinical Hospital

2009-2010 – acting Head of the Department of Surgical Diseases of the Medical Faculty of Osh State University

2010–2019 – Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Osh State University

2014-2020- Member of the Dissertation Council at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Since 2020, a member of the Expert Council for Clinical Medicine of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic.

From November 2019 to the present – Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs of Osh State University.


Research work

2004 – defended his thesis on “Differential diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical treatment of visceral and intra-abdominal abscesses”. National Center for Surgery, Bishkek

2010 – defended his doctoral dissertation “Strategy of minimally invasive video control surgery of cavity and extracavitary focal focal formations.” National Center for Surgery, Bishkek.

Under the scientific supervision of B. Osumbekov, 2 Ph.D. theses were defended and 2 are at the stage of pre-defense

More than 100 scientific papers have been published in scientific journals in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. Of these, 1 monograph, 7 teaching aids, 6 rational proposals.

Knowledge of languages

Native Kyrgyz, Russian – fluent; English – everyday



Excellence in Healthcare of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2006, Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2010, Certificate of Honor of the Osh City Council – 2011, Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2011, Certificate of Honor of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2015, Certificate of Honor of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2018.



Ability to work in a team, sociability. competence

Programs and MS WORD, EXCEL, Internet