Vice-rector of educational work


Bojonov Zamirbek Sabirjanovich

Day, month, year of birth: April 16, 1975

Place of birth: village in the Osh region, Kara, Togo village


Nationality: citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic

Education: higher


The name and location of School Faculty or coherent In She graduated from the left or the year If you bütpѳgѳn rate As a result of completion of the diploma of School Specialty, or to demonstrate to kübѳlüktün
Osh State University Faculty of Philology 199 gg. 2004 gg.   According to the Kyrgyz language and literature to your teacher ,CD 040084721

Knowledge of the state language: to speak freely and demands grow

Which foreign language knows: the Russian language, the English language – milk production .repair reads and translates.

No scientific degree, an academic title:

What kind of scientific works and inventions: 15 scientific articles

Since the beginning of employment and their work (secondary and higher educational institutions, military service, taking into account the added work and perform together):


Month, Year Name of the institution, organization, enterprise, as well as its location, office
Wrap up exit from the
1 2 3 4
1995 2004 Osh State University A student
01.02.2002 12.11.2003 Osh State University ‘ student newspaper “Nur” Editor-in-Chief
10.10.2005 01.03.2008 Osh State University ‘ assistant to the rector for student affairs rector’s assistant
01.03.2008 28.11.2016 Osh State University ‘ Department of Culture director
28.11.2016   Osh State University ‘ Vice President for social and educational work Vice-Rector

No particular job:

Regular work experience: 11 years, 13 years, including a major __ ___ years, according to state officials, private strukturalarda__ years.

(Have a job abroad, the official delegation traveling, and travel).


Month, Year Which country Besides being a goal of crossing the border
What is the time What is the length of time
1 2 3 4
07.03.2013 16.03.2013 Turkey, Kastamonu University sacking travels
08.04.2014 12.04.2014 The Republic of China , Xin Jiang Pedagogical University visits by elegatsiya
08.05.2016 16.05.2016 Turkey, Ankara University visits by elegatsiya
13.10.2016 16.10.2016 Uzbekistan, Tashkent city visits by elegatsiya

International republics, international, national, regional, provincial, county, city, district, state and other bodies involved:Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2005,2010. participating in

What kind of state awards: the state and industry awards: Diploma of “City Hall” (2007, University Diploma “union” (2012), the Kyrgyz Republic, education, science workers union, “the union movement mıtısı” badge ( 2015).

There are no diplomatic rank, class rank or other titles:

Military duty ratio: mandatory strikes