Vice President for social and educational work

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1. Name: Koldoşov legions Rahmanoviç
2. Birth year, month: September 14, 1986;
3. Place of birth: Jalal-Abad region, Ala-Buka district of Kok-Tash village;
4. Educational background: High honors from the Faculty of Philology, University (№CD090149423) graduated in 2009. PhD (1d-1/31 # 1. İKD # 001143 2015.29.01.), University Professor
5. Expertise: Kyrgyz language and literature teacher.
6. Knowledge of languages: Kyrgyz and Russian languages.
7. Computer knowledge: Microsoft Ofisse, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, internet.
8. Certifications: The project for the cultivation of critical thinking, reading and writing cycles, ending with a certificate (2010);- Emergency school trainer to create a favorable social and psychological environment. Certified (UNICEF) (2011);- the use of interactive teaching methods and improve the quality of education. There is a certificate (2013);- Normativnıe documents Vuza, Your distantsionnaya obuçeniya technology, process automation uçebnogo. There is a certificate (2013) (Center of the Development of the Ala Too, Osh, Gu);
9. Employment: Kyrgyz-Uzbek University in Osh 2005-2008 Ala-Buka Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, he worked as an operator. Since 2008, the city of Osh, 39, 18 school teacher of Russian language and literature and worked as a music teacher in the school gymnasium. Since 2009, the Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, the chairman of the Youth Committee and worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature. Since 2012, the Osh State University named after Queen Director of the Center for cultural, aesthetic, and worked as a professor in the Department of Literature.
10. Of work: Since March 1, 2017, there has been appointed as Vice President for social and educational work. Professor of the Department of Literature.
11. Awards: – organized by the TR -2008 Gold , who won the Grand Prize in the contest and awarded a diploma of the first degree;- Mae’s works carries out who is the best? Telekonkursunda III has won a place;- under the government of Physical Education and Sports and Youth Affairs and the Department of Youth Affairs under the State Agency for Child Protection Diploma of the year 2009;- Osh Oblast State Administration Diploma – 2009. (Order No. 609-p. 16.11.2009);- the City Hall was awarded the Diploma p. 2010. (Order No. 401, 10.11.2010);- Ala-Buka district of Kok-Tash village was awarded the Diploma – 2011. (Order No. 2. 24.01.2011.)- Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute of Merit in 2011.- Ala-Buka District Administration Diploma – April, 2012.- the best üüsünün of Education awarded the badge (Order No. 36/4. 20.09.2013.)- Commission on State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Certificate of Merit in 2013.- “employee of the culture” (awarded by the decree №528. 19.10.2016.)
12. Works: – Select the ‘Dream’ , a collection of songs and stories. – Osh-2007. 68 pages;- Folk creativity in the development of the Uzbek schools, co-authored with methodical Akmatova. – Osh-2009. 64 pages;- Prime literature and textbooks authored by Akmatova. – Osh-2010. 64 pages;- Life and Arts . – Osh-2011. 70 pages;- Elegiac Reader for reading. – 2012. 120 pages;- publication of learning technologies, with Akmatova, E.Abdibaliev avtorloş.- 2013. 168 pages;- More than forty- author of tones .
13. Marital status: Married, father of three.
14. Residence: The city of Osh, Karuna Street 23/44.