Director of education and information department



Rallies Ruslanbek Nurmamatoviç

In place of birth : 05.11.1980 Osh province.

Nationality :

Education: higher (Tu, 2002)

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physics and Mathematics ( 2009 2010, Moscow. Gg ., Bishkek.)

An academic title: “Computer science, computer engineering and management Docent” (2015, pp.).


Work experience

2000-2002 Foundation. – Osh Regional Education Association, a lecturer in Computer Literacy rate.

2002-2003 Foundation. – Osh State University, Department of Informatics.

2003-200 8 years. – Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberia AP Kirishi junior researcher and a graduate student of department of the Institute of Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia.

In 2009-2011. – Director of the Faculty of Mathematics and information technology, the computer center of Osh, Osh Informatics Senior Lecturer, chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of Osh, Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, “head of the Department of Cybernetics and Information Technologies”.

2010. – to present a computer science professor at the department of Osh.

20 11 -201 3 years. Osh mathematics and information technology Faculty deputy dean of academic affairs.

2016-2017 Foundation. The head of the international relations department of the University.

2017. – to present – Director of the Department of Osh educational information.

Published: more than 20 scientific papers.

prior to the certificate

2009. Such systems of education, training, seminar, Osh.

2010 – ICDL Start Certificate, Bishkek.

2012 – Educational programs of competency based design module, the city of Osh.

2013 gg. – distance learning and technology ECTS credit on the basis of the rate of Osh.


ITEC program on the 3-month training course in New Delhi, India, etc .;

“Multi-lingual educational seminars on the implementation of the program”, Chon-Kemin, Bishkek and Osh cities;

2015 .

According to the Russky Mir Foundation in IT technology courses;

“EdNet” Agencies “universities on the basis of self-assessment and self-evaluation and report preparation of accreditation” and “independent experts” training, Osh.

201 gg .

“The subject and language integrated learning (CLIL)” seminar, Bishkek .;

“The assessment of students’ academic achievements” seminar Osh .;

“Reading Together” project, workshops, Osh .;

“Critical thinking, reading and writing” training for the cultivation of Osh.

“The EU and Central Asia ICT research cooperation in the territory of the” International Forum in Chisinau, Moldova.